Round of the Week – The Australian Open

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This week we are featuring final round coverage of the Australian Open, played on the Mundaring disc golf park in Perth, Australia on January 29 through February 1, 2015. This was the first PDGA major of the year in 2015 and the final round features 4 of the best disc golfers on the planet:

Paul McBeth
Simon Lizotte
Ricky Wysocki
Dave Feldberg

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This round is featured this week for several reasons….

First, the Spin TV does some of the most professional disc golf coverage out there. There product is very polished and is very enjoyable to watch. Front 9 commentary is capably handled by Jamie Thomas and back 9 commentary is done by Jamie and Jussi Meresmaa. It’s very cool to have Jussi on the final 9 as he is one of the course designers as well as the tournament promoter for the event. As a world class pro and an incredible course designer, he adds a lot to the round coverage.

Speaking of course design, this is a huge part of why we are featuring this round this week. There’s a lot of talk about changing basket size out there because the pro’s scores are just way too far below par. It’s thought that changing the size of the basket will fix this “problem”. In my opinion, that’s a bad idea. If we want to get scores closer to par, we should design disc golf courses in such a way that a par is a great score. The 30 foot putt should be for par, not for birdie. This course is a great example of that type of course design. Every hole is a challenge. Every hole requires thought. Placement shots and course management are what generated low scores on this course and it’s really fun to watch!!!

Lastly, I love watching these guys play in the same group. All have a different approach to the game and all attack different holes in very different ways. A great course design brings out the best in these players and they call on every disc and shot in their bag through the round. It also doesn’t hurt that Feldberg is one of my favorite players on tour.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some really great disc golf action from down under.

Front 9


Back 9


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