This Week in Disc Golf Images – 12/5/15

Disc Golf is Beautiful

That’s a big part of why a lot of us play. It’s also a big part of why a lot of us carry cameras on every round. It’s why every disc golfer should have an Instagram account. The meeting of plastic, metal, and nature make for some stunning disc golf images and photography.

Every Saturday we’ll bring you a small sampling of disc golf beauty. We’ll bring you a reader picture or two. We’ll bring you some of our best disc golf images of the week. We’ll share the weekly and monthly finalists in the Mind Body Disc #MBDFridayFeature contest we run on Instagram.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Disc golf is beautiful.

Reader Image of the Week

Disc golf image of a sunset
Poto Credit – Adam Pierce

This is how you know you’ve lived a day well spent. I love finishing up those last few holes as the sun sets on the horizon. Special thanks to Adam Pierce for sending us this really great sunset pic!

Would you like to be featured here as one of our disc golf images of the week? Send us your photos at and you just might get featured!

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#MBDFridayFeature November Finalists

Every month we take the most liked disc golf images of our weekly finalists and post them again for the monthly finals. The winner of that vote wins a custom dyed disc of their choice. Here are the best of the best for the month of November!

#MBDFridayFeature November Winner

Winning disc golf image for the November Friday Feature

Congratulations to @7jmblair who had two pics make the final 6 for November. Here he is at Flip City, one of the top 5 courses on my list of courses to play. @7jmblair will win a custom dyed disc of his choice for the win!!!


#MBDFridayFeature Weekly Finalists

Here they are, this week’s finalists. Every week, we get more and more pics to pick from. Thanks to everyone that is playing!

In the Friday Feature, people from all around the world tag their Instagram photos with #mindbodydisc for a chance to be featured. Every week we pick our favorites and everyone votes with their likes.

At the end of each month, we take the top vote getters from each week and show them again. Again, people vote with their likes. The winner then gets a dyed disc of their choice.

The Best Disc Golf Images From Mind Body Disc

We are super active over on Instagram and are constantly taking disc golf photos. In any given day it’s not unusual that we take more pictures on disc golf courses than we throw discs. Here are some keepers from this week!

7 white Squaw Creek



Dreamy Basket disc golf image

disc golf basket in the storm

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