Round of the Week – The 21 Hole Salute

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This week we are featuring the final 9 of the 21 Hole Salute played on RL Smith disc golf course in Charlotte, NC.

Philo Brathwaite
Ken Tyburski
Lance Brown
Hunter Todd
Weston Isaacs

Filmed and brought to you by Jomez Productions
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There are a few reasons I wanted to feature this round this week. First, I absolutely love what Jomez Productions is doing. Those hole previews are sick! 2 camera coverage is a must in wooded courses and these guys do an outstanding job. I keep hearing people say that wooded courses are not TV friendly. I call BS on that and Jomez shows how it can be done here.

Second, the commentary is done by the guys from Another Round Disc Golf‘s Final Round Radio crew. Final Round Radio is a top notch disc golf podcast out of Charlotte. They put out a new episode every couple of weeks. These guys know disc golf and do a nice job commentating. I like the vibe they have, it’s like sitting around with your friends watching the round. They also clearly know the course well. That’s huge when it comes to quality coverage.

Third, I love watching Phil Brathwaite play. He’s definitely one cool cat and I really enjoy his approach to the game. If you are on the west coast, check out Team Philo. I hear he gives some of the best lessons around. I keep an eye on that page hoping that he’ll be in my area at some point and I can take one.

Finally, I love wooded disc golf and this course looks amazing. On my short list of things to do is hit the Charlotte area for a disc golf trip. RL Smith is on the list of courses I want to play while I’m there.

So sit back and get some more disc golf into your weekend with the final 9 of the 21 Hole Salute!

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