Wisdom Wednesday – Practice


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One of the reasons I talk so much about practice is that it’s one of the things I have the hardest time getting myself to do as much as I should.  I’m sure none of you can relate, right?  One thing that cuts my sessions short is when I start to get in a groove and doing well.  It’s really easy for me to think that I’ve got whatever skill I’m practicing down.  This is a quote I try to keep in my mind at those times.  We shouldn’t just practice to just be able to get something right, we should be practicing until it’s second nature.  Until we can’t get it wrong.

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Anyone who spends as much time outside as us disc golfers should read at least one John Muir book.  I will warn you that you may want to put that book down, sell all your possessions, and go wander in the mountains.  Of course there are many worse ways you could spend your life.  Especially if there were a couple of disc golf courses up there.  Being outside, whether it’s mountains, woods, or our local parks, is one of the biggest benefits of being a disc golfer.  The next time you are out playing, try to remember to stop for a second and look around.  Enjoy the time you have away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

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