Welcome to the Mind Body Disc resources page.

We strive daily to bring you everything you need to improve your game.  As our site grows, we will continue to add to this page, so check back often.  For now, we think this is a pretty good list of things to get you started!

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A comprehensive list of what your favorite pros carry in their bag:

Pro In The Bag Video Links


Coming to Round Lake to play some disc golf?  You’ll need this:

Squaw Creek Gold Visual Course Guide


Pack the car right for your next disc golf outing:

DG Trip:Tourny Pack List


 The most common things to keep in your disc golf bag other than discs:

Disc Golf Bag Pack List


A reading list of books that will help your game:

Disc Golf Reading List


A review and list of mobility/recovery tools that will help keep you pain free:

Mobility and Recovery Tools