Mobility Tools

The following is a list of the mobility tools that I use on a regular basis.  I’ve listed them in the order I would purchase them if doing things over again.  You by no means need all of them.  Just having the foam roller and lacrosse ball will be more than enough for most people.

foam roller cropped

The Foam Roller

This is the corner stone of mobility work.  It’s super versatile.  You can use it on your entire body.  It’s relatively easy to figure out.  It’s cheap.  This is the one I purchased, but if you search Amazon for foam rollers, there are hundreds of listings.  You can also pick them up at your local Target, Wally World, or sporting goods store.


lacrosse cropped

The Lacrosse Ball

It might sound weird, but this is an amazing tool.  It can get at knots and tension in places that no other mobility tool can.  A great website that will teach you how to use this great tool is  You can also search YouTube for some great ideas too.  Mostly, once you get the idea of how to use it, just play around on your own.


rad cropped

The Rad Roller

A lot of people will tape two lacrosse balls together.  This is by far an easier and more effective way to accomplish this.  This is what I pack with me when I travel.  It also used to go into the gym bag before I started working out at home.  While I think the foam roller is more important to have in the grand scheme of things, I use this implement the most by far.


rumble cropped

The Rumble Roller

There are two sizes and two hardnesses.  These are like a foam roller on steroids.  While painful to use in many applications, these are my go to rollers when I’m really tight and sore.  I love these on my hamstrings, glutes, and upper back.  The stiffer of the two is not for the faint of heart.  The small size is nice for its portability.


supernova cropped

The SuperNova

This is like a large lacrosse ball.  Sometimes, for me, the lacrosse ball is just too small.  Upper back, chest, thighs, and quads are all good targets for this implement.  It’s also my favorite tool when using a wall instead of the floor.



gemini cropped

The Gemini

This is a lot like the Rad Roller.  I don’t use this much any more, but I’m still glad I have it sometimes.  I use it most on my calves, but also like to use the pointed ends for deep work that the lacrosse ball or Rad Roller can’t get to.




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