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Disc golf is not a race.  Slow down.  I play a lot of solo rounds and it always amuses me when I get passed by groups of 2, 3, and 4.  What’s their hurry?  Are they trying to be done?  I don’t know about you, but I’d like my rounds to last as long as possible while still keeping a decent pace.

I don’t mean to take forever, but there’s no reason to speed walk up to your next throw every time.  I’m not saying to hold up groups behind  you if you play on a crowded course, but there’s no need to rush either.  PDGA rules give you 30 seconds to throw once you’ve arrived at your lie.  Use it.

Take a deep breath, visualize your shot, make it count.

Between shots, look around you on the course.  Notice the trees, the animals, the landscape.  Try to find things you haven’t noticed before.  Ken Climo says that between shots his goal is to think about anything but disc golf.  That way he’s always got mental energy left to devote to making his shots.  You are surrounded by beauty on the course, why not think about that for a while?

Take your time and stop and smell the roses.  You’ll have a better time on your rounds and you just might play better too!

Stop to take it all in, maybe even meditate for a bit mid round.
Stop to take it all in, maybe even meditate for a bit mid round.

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