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It literally costs you nothing other than a click, but it’s absolutely huge for us! We thank you in advance for your love and support.

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This one works a little differently. Instead of using a bookmark, you’ll need to head to Infinite from any link on this site.

For your convenience, there’s one on our main page. They are also located in many other places on the blog.

Infinite Discs is, in my opinion, the single best place to buy plastic on line. It’s the only site that allows you to see the exact disc you are getting every time. Their prices are the lowest around. Their shipping is amazingly fast. I encourage you to do all your disc shopping with Infinite Discs. As a bonus, if you go there from our site, we get a few cents form your purchase. Just like Amazon, it doesn’t cost you anything but a click.

My goal at Mind Body Disc is to give you a great experience while you are here. One of the ways I’ve decided to do that is not to clutter things up with ads and banners. I didn’t want to stand there with my hand out, asking for money on every page.

I think the site looks sweet this way and I hope you do to.

Bringing you regular disc golf goodness is not free. It takes a lot of time and a good amount of money to keep the Mind Body Disc train rolling.

In some posts, I link to products I recommend. Always things I own, use, and love myself. If you click on one of those links and then buy that product, I make a few pennies.

I have also partnered with two other websites who help support what I do. Amazon and Infinite Discs have been amazing partners and are the sole reason I can afford to continue to produce this blog.